Waterproofing liquid rubber

At MTC KEM SL we want to offer all our clients a complete service in everything related to the rubber industry, since it is a very versatile material. For this reason, from our company we manufacture waterproofing, anticorrosive liquid rubber and coatings, so that our customers can find everything they need in one place.

Ask our technicians the best product for waterproofing or treating any support.


At MTC KEM SL we are specialists in the field of construction, as we have been dedicated to this industry for many years. Our services range from impermeability, such as thermal insulation, to watertightness.

Flooring and coverings

At MTC KEM SL we carry out the construction of flooring and coverings for all sectors. This is the reason why we carry out all types of facade coatings, pavements, sanitary coatings, being specialists in anti-corrosion and construction.

Systems for industrial plants and homes

At MTC KEM SL we are experts in the creation, installation and construction of anti-condensation systems for industrial plants and homes. Our work is dedicated to the construction of pavements for swimming pools, reservoirs and tanks.

Pit and basement treatments

At MTC KEM SL we carry out the treatment of pits and basements with water pressure. In this way we ensure that we carry out complete and invasive maintenance that does not damage the structure of the client's space.

Automotive products

At MTC KEM SL you will also find automotive products, specialized in the underside of your vehicle, as well as in its cavities. Well, being a multimodal company, we also offer this service.

Intumescent and fireproof systems

For MTC KEM SL, safety comes first, that is why in our company you will find the best intumescent and fireproof systems to protect what you value. It has the best!

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