Manufacture of marine defenses for ports, loading docks, navigable waterways, ships and tugboats

At MTC KEM SL we are also a company specialized in nautical engineering. We come from a territory with a sea, so a specific service for naval engineering could not be missing from our extensive catalog of services. Our company has extensive experience in participating and carrying out naval projects. Projects that have been innovative in terms of the construction of all types of ships. To carry out this work, we have the best professional naval engineers and technicians trained with the most advanced technologies developed within nautical architecture.

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Manufacture of marine fenders

At MTC KEM SL we are motivated by safety and protection, as it is one of the aspects that motivates us every day to continue carrying out our work with the utmost professionalism. That is why MTC KEM SL not only offers you maximum protection in civil engineering quality, but is also concerned with the manufacture of marine defenses.


When it comes to the high seas, we must not skimp on safety, as sometimes this space becomes a hostile territory that can harbor many dangers. That is why we want to provide our clients with the protection they need, both on land and at sea. At MTC KEM SL we carry out the manufacture of marine fenders for ports, pontoons, ships, tugboats and hold joints for ships. In this way, our clientele can carry out their activity correctly and, above all, safely.


The services we offer at MTC KEM SL are numerous, as we are fervently dedicated to providing the security and protection that our clients require. For this reason, we make defense services available to our users in ports, docks, tugboat builders and shipyards. Additionally, our parts are specialized in the saline environment for use on the high seas, as well as liquid rubber for anodes.

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