Signage and road protection

At MTC KEM SL we have extensive experience as a company specialized in urban protection and furniture, because from our passion, we choose the best protection for our clients.


So many years of experience have made us realize the real needs of the inhabitants of a city or territory. Through the latest, most developed technology and the constant innovation of our tools, we can look to a future where protection will always be paramount for us. Because good service does not only mean providing the best materials, but also adapting to the needs of a society that advances day by day.

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Manufacture of parts for signaling and protection of urban areas, roads and highways

At MTC KEM SL we are specialized in all types of urban facilities and public roads, with the main objective being the improvement and conservation of our cities. These areas can often be areas worn down by the use of citizens, whether pedestrians or drivers. Public spaces can be affected by many factors, such as time. This can damage sidewalks, roads and, in general, a long list of infrastructures.

Our products

At MTC KEM SL we have all the necessary products that the citizen environment demands of us. In addition, we offer a wide variety of services, which adapt to the demands of society. In our services we always offer maximum quality and a service with very competitive prices in which we have a wide range of possibilities. From our company, we manufacture, adapt and personalize our products according to needs.


Some of our products that you can see on the street and that you can purchase from us may be: flexible bollards, rubber bollards, road dividers, parking stops or wheel stops, road signs or parking protectors. A large catalog at your disposal.

At MTC KEM SL we are specialists in protection.

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