Realization of projects and pieces in 3D technical plastic

MTC KEM SL has a specialized team solely for plastic manufacturing and 3D design. This technique is one of the most developed and advanced technologies in recent times. It is a complex injection system, in which plastic figures are created from layers. Before, it was an expensive method that few people could use, however today it is one of the most affordable resources. Currently, thanks to advances in this machinery, we can create figures with volume in endless possibilities. Furthermore, its versatility allows us to generate figures in different plastic materials such as PVC, polyethylene, methacrylate and many more.

Discover the latest 3D technology

3D modeling from original parts

Furthermore, at MTC KEM SL we carry out 3D modeling from original parts. This is something we can do thanks to additive manufacturing, which simplifies the generation of new parts and allows us to add new parts to those already created. It is a good option when creating your pieces, as they are resistant and tenacious over time and especially against wear and tear.


As you can see, at MTC KEM SL we offer you a service adapted to the most cutting-edge and modern technology that we can find on the market today. We want you to trust us, therefore, we put the best tools at your disposal.

At MTC KEM SL we carry out the design of technical plastics in 3D. Visit us!