Specialists in thermal and sound insulation

At MTC KEM SL we are also a company specialized in thermal insulation. Our technical capacity is unmatched, as our company has a long history of creating thermal insulation systems, thus contributing to the improvement of space and regulating temperatures so that our clients can enjoy complete comfort.


For this reason, at MTC KEM SL we want to take care of your establishment, home or premises, as it is the space in which we live or spend a long period of our time. At MTC KEM SL we feel the need to create a peaceful and comfortable place, as this is also our philosophy.

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Manufacturing of flexible technical rubber

At MTC KEM SL we manufacture flexible closed-cell technical rubber by extrusion from synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is a material that becomes a product that is easily adaptable to irregular surfaces, while its closed cells provide excellent sealing against energy loss, humidity and condensation.


The services we provide at MTC KEM SL range from the manufacturing of these products to advice. In our company we like to advise on these aspects, since in many cases all the advantages that can be obtained from this incredible and versatile material are unknown, so it is possible to adjust it to an infinite number of infrastructures.


In addition, at MTC KEM SL you will also find the sale of air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment systems in general. On the other hand, we also provide the installation of insulation such as acoustic insulation, which is widely used in cities, as they are the places where there is the greatest existence of annoying noise. Likewise, we also provide fireproof and leak insulation services. At MTC KEM SL you will find everything you need to condition your space from the best. Discover our wide range of products now.

At MTC KEM SL we are specialists in insulation.

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