Rubber and technical plastic parts for civil engineering

At MTC KEM SL we understand civil engineering as the discipline in the field of engineering in which engineers use all civil knowledge in calculation, mechanics and other sciences to design, build and maintain infrastructures that are available to the public. citizen use in the civil environment. Some examples could be roads, ports, airports, train tracks, canals and a long list of possibilities where the users will always be people. For this reason, we adapt to the needs of the environment, to improve and develop it with the best solutions.

At MTC KEM SL we are an expert company in civil engineering. We are dedicated to people, which is why within our sector, we also have a space dedicated to the manufacture of rubber parts for civil works and infrastructure.


At MTC KEM SL this service is brought together in a group of services that help the comfort of citizens, beautifying the whole of civil urban planning and making the spaces dedicated to citizens more practical and comfortable.


Some of our services may be the manufacturing of joints and installation of expansion joints, expansion joints, coatings and joints for the roadway. A complete service to generate a more careful citizen environment and above all, always thinking about people.

Meet the leading company in the manufacture of rubber parts for civil construction

Special custom manufacturing

Just as we carry out custom manufacturing of electrical engineering, at MTC KEM SL we would not be a multimodal team if we did not also develop civil engineering adjusted to the demand and requirements of the environment.


It is for this reason that at MTC KEM SL we manufacture structural supports for buildings, expansion joints for bridges and roads, antioxidant liquid rubber coatings for supports, strapped neoprenes for supports or beams. It has the best service in civil engineering. It has MTC KEM SL

At MTC KEM SL we make all types of joints. Know us!