Technical Manufacturing of Rubber, Technical Plastic and Liquid Rubber

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MTC KEM SL we are an expert company in the technical manufacturing of rubber, whose location is in Vizcaya. We have a long history in the sector, since its foundation in 1966 and for more than 50 years we have consolidated our position in the market by developing technical solutions in protection, corrosion, abrasion, insulation, waterproofing and chemical attack.


What defines us

At MTC KEM SL the products and services offered are designed, manufactured and applied to the needs of our clients and guaranteed to offer a guarantee of quality and comprehensive services.


Specific knowledge of the location, working conditions, and the necessary performance requirements of each piece, thus delimiting the choice of a specific type of raw material, product, or manufacturing processes.


We adapt our products to demanding means of control and experimentation before being put at the service of each process.


Our service extends to cover the international market, with a presence in the European Economic Community with our own cutting-edge technology.

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At MTC KEM SL we carry out the production of rubber and elastomer parts, technical plastics and waterproofing liquid rubber with the highest professionalism that characterizes us and positions us as one of the leading companies in the field.


At MTC KEM SL we are experts in plastic, as we provide extrusion, injection, molding and machining services.

Urban Signage and Protection

At MTC KEM SL we also carry out the production of rubber parts for signaling and protection of urban areas and roads. The products and services offered are designed, manufactured and applied to the needs of our clients and backed by offering a guarantee of quality and comprehensive service.


MTC KEM SL supports the sports project of the AIXERROTAPE cycling club in order to provoke positive synergies for both, as a reflection of excellent quality and development work for our region.


Our objective is to promote cycling as a sport and way of life, together with the club.

AIXERROTAPE, is a sports, social and educational entrepreneurship project.

The main idea will be to promote sports, and educate through sports practice, in order to develop fundamental values in comprehensive training, which can benefit you in your personal life.



The tourist cycle march that runs through the URDAIBAI Biosphere Reserve and also known as “Jabi Amorrortu Martxa Zikloturista”.

A march that has allowed us to enjoy cycling, in a unique natural environment, bordering the Cantabrian Sea and ascending to the roof of Bizkaia, with sections as demanding as they are spectacular.


All our tours start from Gernika and have Urdaibai as the main axis of the tour. Our 3 Tours that adjust to all levels while enjoying the environment in a fun and sustainable way. We guarantee good organization, a very good environment and being able to enjoy cycle tourism in a privileged environment.


Additionally, and in this edition, you will be able to share many sections through which the Tour de France 2023 will run.

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