Manufacturers of synthetic rubber for plugs

At MTC KEM SL we manufacture a wide selection of products for innovative, respectful and sustainable oenology.


Synthetic corks are made of different types of polymers, which allow them to mold but maintain their shape, like a natural cork.


We offer our clients an unbeatable closure, maintaining aromas and flavors of the wine as at the time of bottling.


Our company, with a clear export vocation, makes us grow daily, currently managing to be present in numerous markets around the world.

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Manufacturing of barrel stoppers

At MTC KEM SL we have developed a new range of silicone stoppers (CMKEM40SHA) for wooden barrels.


With more than 12 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rubber parts, we have achieved top quality finishes at a very competitive price.


A perfect fit with the different diameters of the most used mouths in a high quality material that, in addition to being in accordance with the FDA standard, meets all the requirements demanded by BfR, makes MTC KEM SL the perfect distributor of silicone plugs for barrels.


Within the range of silicone stoppers for MTC KEM wine barrels, we have different standard models but we also have the possibility of making an exclusive custom-made stopper that responds to the most specific needs of each client.

All MTC KEM SL stoppers are made with 100% food-grade silicone (CMKEM40SHA), organoleptically neutral, which does not add odor or flavor and does not migrate any type of substance into the wine.

  • Cap-type plugs: these are plugs with a top hat to facilitate handling, both insertion and extraction from the wine barrel.
  • Conical type plugs: they are silicone plugs with a conical shape that allow the closure with the mouth of the barrel to be precise.
  • Falsetto-type plugs: they are silicone plugs ideal for racking in the traditional way, using gravity.

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