Rubber parts for electrical engineering

MTC KEM SL we are a company specializing in electrical engineering. We carry out all the manufacturing of rubber parts for hydraulic plants, electrical industries, underground and area transformation. As you can see, we have a wide range when it comes to electrical engineering.


We have the entire professional team of engineers specialized in this field, who are also helped by the best materials and advanced tools that we can find on the market. Well, this, together with the best advisory service in the matter, makes us stand out from the rest of the companies in the sector.

It has our protection and solution for high, low voltage, and renewable energy.


At MTC KEM SL we are specialists in the insulation of all types of transformation centers and manufacturers of high and low voltage equipment. From our company, our services cover the creation of gaskets, seals, insulation, damping, drives, supports, O-rings, seals, couplings and even dielectric systems.

Special custom manufacturing

If we are more than professional in something within MTC KEM SL , it is in the special preparation and manufacturing tailored to the taste and needs of our clients. We like to offer all our clients the possibility of personalizing their services, because we understand that the world of design and manufacturing of energy and electrical solutions can offer endless possibilities and therefore, we want our work to adapt to the demands and demands of our clients. clients and their spaces.


At MTC KEM SL we customize parts such as specialized services in the production of bellows, profiles, coatings, technical plastics, sealing, flat gaskets, O-rings, rubber and polyurethane sheets.


Our commitment to our clients is to provide unsurpassed personal attention, while we carry out the vision and creation of their pieces. That is why, throughout the entire creation process, our clientele will be able to receive the necessary advice to find the best solution in the development of their project.

Get the best service tailored to you with MTC KEM SL